An old town like a labyrinth, a natural sanctuary, an orchard bordering rivers, … Sion offers a varied and attractive playground for families.

  • GeoTour: 11 caches to find, accessible all year round and to everyone, thanks to Geocaching.
  • Fountains game: water is everywhere in Sion, a city crossed by rivers and surrounded by bisses (irrigation canals) and, on the tops, the glaciers. The fountains, numerous and all different, allow you to appreciate this water all around town. But will you be able to find them?
  • Nature walk around Montorge hill: a protected natural site, a lake, the ruins of a castle ... a whole program
  • Exquisite essences: yes, trees also live in the city! Go find them and get to know them, thanks to a route concocted for you.
  • Randocroquis: learn to draw while strolling in a magnificent orchard bordered by 2 rivers (La Borgne and Le Rhône), this is where it happens...